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10 Great Christian Hip Hop Album Covers

CHH Album Covers

Monkey Business- Ill Harmonics

InFuse Records (2004)
Design by: Enoch Attire

With primary colors and simple (yet effective) font choices, this cover is bolder and more engaging than most politicians. At the same time, it communicated that Playdough and Blake Knight are serious about their silliness which is one of several reasons this piece earns our vote.


Raw Classics- Phat Kats

Illect Recordings (2006)

As hip hop listeners began to get accustomed to the sounds of Sivion, Illect Recordings felt it was a good time to re-introduce audiences to his early years with twin brother WuShu as the Phat Kats.

The designer wisely gave the album cover of previously-released material a vintage feel and the illustration of Dr. Seuss’ signature character (with a hip hop twist) is immediately intriguing.


The 6th- FLAME

Clear Sight Music (2012)
Artwork designed by Barton Damer of Already Been Chewed

The photo collage for FLAME‘s most recent release is one with depth that rewards viewers who invest time in examining its multi-layered detail.

It’s flashy, but not gaudy; complex, but not cluttered; and provides a clean and crisp idea of what’s inside. Well done.


Which ones on our list were your favorites? Who did we miss or which titles would you add?

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