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10 Free Albums You Can Get Right Now (DJ Wade-O August Edition)


As most of you know, once a month, a member from our team puts together a list of free projects that you can download right now. Some of these include new albums or mixtapes, some are classics and some are a year or two old that we feel you may have slept on. The cool thing about these lists are that they are simply each person’s favorites.

Being that I’m a DJ and I actually do mixtapes, each of these downloads will be projects that I was a part of. Here they are, in no particular order.

theBreax – Breax Over | Breax Over Pt. 2 | Breax Over Pt. 3

Before they were Dream Junkies, Ruslan (MC) and Beleaf (MC/ DJ) were the frontmen of a crew called theBreax. Another brother by the name of Mic B (drummer) was a part of it and the team even included a full fledged band if you caught them live in San Diego. This trilogy was one of the most thorough projects our scene has ever seen. Over the course of 11-12 months, theBreax would release a song a week and then we compiled them into mixtapes every 12-15 weeks. Fonzworth Bentley, Sho Baraka, Andy Mineo and a young John Givez also contributed throughout the project.

Download: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

DJ Wade-O – More than Music Vol. 1

I had a great time working on this project with my friends over at JahRock’n. This was actually birthed out of a conversation Chris Belmont and I had about mashing up some of the big songs that were out at the time with records I had grown up on. I shared some of my ideas with him and his team, and they brought them to life. When it was all said and done, we remixed songs by Lecrae, Andy Mineo, W.L.A.K., k-Drama, Yaves, Flame and KB.

Download: Click Here

Readywriter – Poetic Freedom (Hosted by DJ Wade-O)

Don’t let the album cover fool you, if you like lyrics, you’ll love this project. On a plethora of many different styles of production, Readywriter drops bar after bar after bar. This project highlights his lyrical prowess as well as the versatility of Godchaserz Entertainment.

Download Link: Click Here


PRo – My Name Is PRo (The Introduction)

Before he partnered with Reach Records or started Reflection Music Group, I hosted this mixtape for Derek Minor. Going by PRo back then, I met him thru his then manager, not business partner Doc Watson.  I could tell he was a new convert, but his musical talent was immense. And Derek knew he was nice. He seemed to be on a mission to smash everything he was on.  Definitely worth a download for the hardcore Derek Minor/ RMG fan.

Download: Click Here

Julien – The Session (Hosted by DJ Wade-O)

This is perhaps the most versatile project on the list. Julien gets down on trap beats, commercial beats and even some classic style production. As we noted when it dropped, this mixtape is an invitation into the sounds and thoughts of his head influence by many lessons observed and learned. Henceforth “The Session Mixtape” offers a clear view of Julien’s personal life, with what he’s learned so far and also what is YET to be learned. The motive is to bring clarity to who he is as a person, rather than just an artist.

Download: Click Here


D-Myles – Free At Last

Free at last was a project we dropped last year right before Christmas. D-Myles has an interesting testimony. He was a Universalist at one point and signed to a secular record label. He got saved and God radically turned his life around. Now a student at Full Sail, he is using all of his gifts and talents for the Lord. He rapped, produced, mixed and mastered this project. Free At Last is his celebration of his new life in Christ.

Download: Click Here

DJ Wade-O – Trip Lee One Hundred Sixteens

I did this mixtape right after Trip dropped The Good Life album. There were rumors floating that he was retiring after he got off the Unashamed Tour that year. Obviously that ended up not being true, but I’m glad I did that project. I included verses from every project he put out prior to that as well as a bunch of his guest verses. Other than features on hooks, his voice is the only one you hear on the project. I guarantee even the biggest Trip Lee fans will hear something on this they’ve never heard before.

Download: Click Here

Tae Spears – The Mixtape Volume 1

I loved building with this brother behind the scenes almost as much as I loved the music that came out of this project. Tae Spears really has a heart for the Lord and it seeped through on every bar on this project. He also hipped me to the fact that Milwaukee has a nice group of local artists up there.  I’m definitely looking for more from them soon.

Download: Click Here

Young Noah – Mixtape Vol. 2

This was another really fun project to be a part of. Young Noah’s heart is so pure for the Lord. It felt like every line on this project was about Jesus in some way. This is a great project to work out to or doing anything that causes you to turn up.

Download: Click Here

Tyscot Loud  – The Gold Mixtape

When one of the legendary gospel records approaches you about hosting a mixtape, you say yes.  That’s what happened last year around this time with Tyscot Records. The former home to John P Kee and Deitrick Haddon and current home to Anthony Brown and Group Therapy, Tyscot Records were looking to make a comeback into Christian Hip Hop. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I met some cool people working on this project. I can’t wait to see what else the label cooks up.

Download: Click Here

Gifted Da FlameThrowa – Monsters Do Exists Vol. 11

I was honored to be one of the DJ’s Gifted asked to be a part of his Monsters Do Exist series. He literally had a different DJ on each project. I also enjoyed our chats during the creation about his transition from mainstream music to Christian music, and how his relocation to Houston after Hurricane Katrina was a blessing in disguise for him and his family. This project is great because Gifted brings His love for God to the project. Download this if you haven’t.

Download: Click Here

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