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10 Albums Every Christian Hip Hop Fan Should Own

Our music scene has undergone many changes over the years.  Even our name hasn’t been constant.  To some we’ve been known as Christian Hip Hop, while others call us Holy Hip Hop or Gospel Rap.

Like our mainstream counterparts, the sound has evolved as well.  We’ve experienced  time periods in which boom bap was seemingly the “in” thing, times where the masses favored party  records, while for the past 5-6 years, southern and midwestern music has dominated the landscape.

However, what has remained consistent throughout our 25+ year history is the devotion to Christ by the artists.  Sure, we’ve had our internal disagreements on ministry philosophy and approach – but by and large, this music is made by Christians who love Jesus and want to help their listeners either know more about Jesus or be introduced to Him.

Christian Hip Hop has had a profound effect on the members of our team.  Many of the themes discussed in the music have helped us through difficult times.  It’s helped us grow closer to the Lord.  It’s meant so much to my wife and I that we had the DJ at our wedding, DJ D-Lite, play nothing but Christian Hip Hop during our reception.

With these elements in mind, we present to you this list of 10 Albums Every Christian Hip Hop Fan Should Own.  Please know, this was a difficult list to craft.  Some of us weren’t even aware of Christian Hip Hop when some of this music was initially released.  Nevertheless, every album here glorifies the Lord and has had a tremendous impact on our scene in some shape form or fashion.  Enjoy.

Please Note:
  • With the exception of the Honorable Mentions, the Top 10 is listed in order of release date.
  • All amazon links are affiliate links, meaning we receive a small commission from Amazon if you purchase a CD or mp3 via clicking the link. The artists’ percentage is not affected by this.
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